The path to life-long learning
starts from Early Education
Learning is a partnership
WellEdu Fennica provides structured, pragmatic  solutions for high quality teacher support and  student programmes for Early Education and cognitive development support, realised through local partnerships with schools, teachers and families.

We leverage the latest technologies to make sure age-appropriate content is delivered on time on accessible platforms,  keeping everybody involved and informed about the learning process and its outcome.

The first years of learning are fundamental

The timing and quality of early experiences shape brain architecture and cognitive abilities

Our way of working
We work through carefully selected long-term partnerships in various countries and are proud to collaborate with leading Early Education experts in their respective markets.
Our Early Learning Values and Principles
Empowering Education 
Participatory Learning
Rights of the Child
The UN Convention of the Rights of the Child encompasses the guiding principles of our business.

Early Learning is a social process where children interpret and reproduce the world and find their identity in society through meaningful activities together with their peers and educators.
Children are the agents of their own learning: our task as educators is to support them in acquiring new skills and competences through an enjoyable, creative and  exploratory process.