About Us
Passionate about offering the Best of Finland to your children,
we bring together the expertise of leading Early Education specialists in the country 

Noora Laitio 
CEO Superstar, Co-Founder

Jonna Kangas 
EDU Expert Content Ninja,  Co-Founder

Noora builds WellEdu's international partnerships and heads our strategy to create scalable solutions to address education challenges worldwide.
Noora's background is in Responsible Finance and Business Development, identifying and financing sustainable and responsible ventures in new technologies and growth markets: She has worked for and advised the World Bank Group, European Investment Bank, European Commission,  and Cambridge University Institute for Sustainability Leadership, among others.
After a decade spent working in South America, Africa and the Near East Noora was convinced that children, families and teachers worldwide would benefit from best education practices from Finland. 
Noora is enthusiastic about finding effective ways to support sustainable and inclusive development and believes that education - started early and involving both children, families and schools - is the key to bring about positive change.  
Noora’s  motto is “Aut inveniam viam aut faciam", Latin for "I shall either find a way or make one".
Jonna heads the design of the WellEdu solution framework. She curates the best content for our platform that the Finnish education system and cluster have to offer.  
Jonna is an expert author in Early Childhood Education and Early Learning - and a teacher and mother herself. She is an expert in participatory pedagogy, emphasising children’s participation in their own learning process.   In her work as a university instructor, she has guided future teachers into the science of education, focusing on early learning, media education, social justice and the meaning of purposeful play. She has researched and developed early childhood education policies and practices at municipal and national levels in Finland, and also has practical work expertience from Early Learning Centres. 
Jonna is enthusiastic and curious about the art, science and magic of learning. She believes that through shared learning experiences, we can achieve new understanding of humanity, nature and – above all – learn to use our skills and creativity to make a difference.
Jonna’s  motto is “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” ~ B. Franklin
Curriculum Vitae

PhD Candidate, Cambridge University
MPhil International Studies (Economics, Law and Politics), Cambridge University
BSc International Economics, Manchester University Institute of Science and Technology

Work Experience
IFC World Bank
European Investment Bank
European Commission
Investment Banks
Positions of Trust
Fellow, Royal Society of Arts and Commerce, UK
Fellow, Think Tank Taenk, Finland
Independent Expert Advisor, European Commission, DG Research
Curriculum Vitae
University of Helsinki:
PhD, Early Childhood Education (2016)
Master of Education (Early Childhood Education), 2011
Bachelor of Arts (with teacher qualifications), 2006
Selected publications
Journal of Early Childhood Education Research
Early Education and Development
Early Childhood Education Journal 
Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy
Cuadernos de Educacion
Work Experience
University Instructor/Teacher Education and Curriculum Design, School of Education, University of Tampere
Project Developer, Early Chilhood Education and Cognitive Assessments, Helsinki Metropolitan Area 
Kindergarten Vice Director and Teacher, Helsinki Metropolitan Area
Positions of Trust
Deputy Member of the Board, Early Childhood Education Association in Finland (ECEAF) (2015)
Secretary of the Board, Early Childhood Education Association in Finland (ECEAF) (2014)